Edge Services Front-End Developer at Walmart Labs

Location: Remote

Posted January 11, 2019



The Edge Services team builds UIs and APIs to let users control our powerful performance optimization systems (proxies, CDNs, load balancers, etc). Every request to Walmart's websites goes through systems that our software configures.

We're hiring a front-end developer to help us improve our configuration UI. It is a complex UI controlling a complex system. We'd like to make it easier to navigate this complex system by making configuration changes easier, safer, and more understandable. High-quality UIs are essential to that.

Our team values safety, high output, ownership, and learning. We treat each other with kindness, respect, and trust. We try to focus on work that will have the highest return on investment. We take responsibility for the experience of using our code. We learn, grow, and improve.

We're a fully remote team. We communicate through text (email, chat, written design docs, GitHub pull requests, etc) and video chat. We also talk with internal customers and technical teams. Since we spend so much of our time communicating via text, strong written communication skills are important.

Our tech stack is TypeScript, Angular, a bit of React, and Sass. Our configuration UI consumes a RESTful JSON API that is written in Go and uses MySQL as a datastore.

Come help us build well-thought-out interfaces to sophisticated performance and networking systems that save Walmart enormous amounts of money.



  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Experience building single-page web applications in one of the modern mainstream frameworks (Angular, React, Vue, Ember, etc).
  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript. We don't care about language trivia, but you should be very comfortable writing JavaScript to solve real-world problems.
  • Two years of experience building front-end web applications.

3-5 Nice-to-haves

It'd be nice if you had one or more of these, but they aren't required.

  • Experience designing UIs. We are pretty weak on design, so any strength there would be helpful.
  • Experience working with CDNs (Fastly, Akamai, Cloudfront, etc)
  • Experience with load balancers (HAProxy, ELB, nginx, etc)
  • Experience with Go

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