Full Stack Developer at Lyvly

Location: London, UK

Posted February 27, 2019


We are building the global shared living community.

The people we share our lives with make all the difference. At Lyvly, we share more than just spaces, we share our lives and we call it shared living. We take the hassle out of communal living so our members can focus on giving time to each other and to themselves. We are looking for like-minded individuals who love this as much as we do :)

Lyvly is founded by a team of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs. We're seeking the next generation of people to join us as we hit an exciting next stage in our journey. As one of the first people on team Lyvly, you'll be playing a pivotal role in shaping our future. This means you will be pumped by our mission and motivated by the desire to build something that will bring meaningful impact to people’s lives. It also means you are the sort of person who will run head first into the growing challenges an early stage startup faces and take responsibility for the impact you want to have.

So if you identify with words like bravery, risk, challenge, but while acting with empathy and patience...then read on...


We're at a step change and it's time to get rolling. The first version of our technology has served us well, but we're ready to build something even better, from the ground up.

We’re looking for someone who’s excited by the idea of taking an ambitious project and running with it. You believe that getting real feedback and data is worth more than talking about things, but you'll also be crafting and building elegant and scalable software that makes Lyvly an example of technology done right.

You are a generalist with experience building projects without needing constant oversight. You know what to do when given the trust to design and deliver from concept through to production -- whether it's Web Apps, mobile, 3rd party SaaS or something else. This doesn’t mean that you have the answer to everything, but you know where to find it.

You’ll be collaborating every single day, because teamwork is at the core of our development.

You will shape new ideas, take part in fashioning the product backlog and release roadmaps, and own the end-to-end delivery into production of your components on a rapid, agile basis.

You should be clear-headed, pragmatic, and enjoy fast paced, release-early-release-often environments.


  • You are an expert in at least one modern server-side language: Node.js, Go, Ruby, Scala, or Python
  • You have front-end development experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. ES6/7, React and TypeScript are a plus
  • You know modern full stack development methodologies, including views on microservices / serverless design, and an understanding of databases, SQL or otherwise
  • You are your own thinker. You have opinions on languages and frameworks, and are ready to argue for them (and we promise we'll listen and empower you)

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