Senior Front End Developer at Clearleft

Location: Brighton, UK

Posted January 15, 2019


We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer to join our friendly and supportive team here in Brighton.


At Clearleft, you’ll get to tackle exciting front-end challenges and get to grips with the latest advances in web development. But we don’t use technology for technology’s sake. Clearleft is a design agency with a laser-sharp focus on end users. We believe that user experience matters more than developer experience. That said, we can offer you a rather lovely developer experience. You’ll work collaboratively with designers, researchers and other talented practitioners on a wide range of projects. We’re a cross-disciplinary group, with the support, trust and freedom to do the job we love.


You should have a solid understanding—and years of experience in—the building blocks of the web: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Those are table stakes. We also expect you to have a keen appreciation for accessibility, performance, and progressive enhancement.

Now, we’re not saying we’re looking for a full-stack developer (‘cause that term comes loaded with quite a bit of baggage), but… You should be comfortable with programming JavaScript inside and outside the browser. Basically that means being comfortable with Node.js. We often need to build bespoke tools for our clients (to consume APIs, generate protoypes, and that sort of thing) so we’d like to work with someone who’s good at figuring out the architectural stuff.

A lot of our projects involve component libraries of some kind. It would be wonderful if you also have experience with design systems and pattern libraries, especially if you’ve used tools like Fractal or Storybook.

At Clearleft, we aren’t tied to any particular framework but if you have experience with React, Vue, and the like, that would be great. We’d like to see a couple of years experience with at least one framework. The particular framework isn’t as important as the concepts underpinning all these frameworks, so if you can demonstrate an eagerness to learn the right framework for a particular project, we’re going to get along swimmingly. And if you believe that server-side rendering is must-have rather than a nice-to-have, we’re definitely on the same page.

You should be comfortable with wrangling build tools to do your bidding. Right now, that means webpack, but again, we’re not tied to a specific tool. Working at an agency means getting comfortable with different tech stacks. While we might have our own personal preferences within the company, we’ll always choose whatever makes most sense for a particular client and their team’s needs.

So even though we’ve mentioned specific technologies—Node, Vue, React, Fractal, Storybook, webpack—please don’t think of it as a laundry list of requirements. What really matters is that you can demonstrate thoughtfulness, curiosity, dedication, and flexibility when it comes to web development.

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