Senior Full Stack Software Developer at Lensrentals

Location: Memphis, TN

Posted January 8, 2019


As a Senior Full Stack Software Developer at Lensrentals, you’ll be joining our 5-person development team. We strongly believe in collaboration, and we want our team members to expand their knowledge, share what they’ve learned, live up to their potential, and find success together.

We are looking for developers to help us build a fast, reliable, secure, and resilient platform. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today!


  • Learn about our business to help bring value to our customers and our internal users
  • Collaborate with the whole team to build high quality, maintainable software
  • Design, implement, and test new features
  • Refactor, improve, and extend existing functionality
  • Ask questions before you get stuck
  • Contribute to every layer of our web applications, from the browser to the database
  • Increase your skills by learning new technologies
  • Use your experience to help the whole team get better


  • Develops production multi-user web applications, both frontend and backend
  • Spent the last 6+ years developing high quality software (with source control and automated tests)
  • Speaks HTML, CSS, modern JavaScript, HTTP, and SQL with ease
  • Knows our primary technologies: Ruby, Rails, and React
  • Always wants to understand the problem, no matter how deep the rabbit hole

Bonus points if you can also:

  • Impress us with your AWS, Docker, Go, and/or PostgreSQL abilities
  • Explain why your favorite git workflow is better than the alternatives
  • Point out your open-source contributions or projects
  • Tell us about your formal education in Computer Science

Application Instructions

Email application to [email protected]

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